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Chappell makes history with 59, BACK at it after surgery 10 months ago

Today Kevin Chappell made history by shooting 59 for his second round of A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier. Nine birdies in a row to post only the 11th 59 in PGA Tour history. What makes this truly incredible is this is his first PGA Tour start since having back surgery 10 months ago. Woah.

In the link below via Golf Channel he talks post round about the accomplishment and you can hear the emotion and passion behind "Chappy".

On November 24, 2018 he posted this message to his fans via his Instagram account:

Yup, this guy shot 59 today. Here he is 10 months ago.

This is a truly amazing sports feat in my opinion. To battle through injury, to succumb to the idea of maybe "being broke", to accept the truth of the matter and circumstances, to then set a plan of action and roadmap back to "where you might be" and throughout it all, to Trust the Process.

Not only is the man back at his job, he just set some history! Watching "Chappy 2.0" from social media over these past 10 months you could see they had a plan and his team (works with TPI coach Mark Blackburn) worked together to get him moving in the right direction. Boy did they ever, congratulations to the Chappell team.

Message of the story: if you are dealing with injury, get an professional opinion and understand what is truly going on. From there you can set a plan in place to help overcome what is holding you back followed by untapped levels of improvement by now moving more stronger and efficiently. Build an exercise program for your personal needs, whether you're coming back from an old injury or even just looking to get rid of lower back tightness from playing 18 holes.

Come find our what your game has been missing with working with the professionals here at Denver Golf Performance. A current injury could be due to something underworking (i.e. weak muscles, lack of flexibility) OR something overworking (i.e. lower back compensating for rotation in the golf swing). Going through our Golf Body Evaluation is one of the best ways to understand "how your engine is running" and to start your journey to lower scores, less aches and pains, and better movement in general. Mention this blog post and receive 25% off Golf Body Evaluation.

Happy swinging out there, hope your find many of fairways and bring your bird food. Cheers to Old Man Par..............MM

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